ID&I Graduate Courses

Dr. Apichai Tuanyok delivers a lectureDepartment of Infectious Diseases & Immunology faculty provide instruction at the graduate level in the programs leading to the MS and PhD degrees in Veterinary Medical Sciences,  and in other campus programs such as Medical Sciences, and Microbiology and Cell Sciences.  This is in addition to courses taught in the professional veterinary curriculum.

Graduate Courses offered include:

  • VME 6464 Molecular Pathogenesis: Papers on mechanisms of pathogenesis and molecular approaches toward diagnosis and control of either parasitic or viral and bacterial diseases. Focus alternates by semester. Course Coordinator: TBA
  • VME 6934 Current Topics in Microbial Pathogenesis:  Weekly seminar series on current research advances in microbial pathogenesis. Course Coordinator: Dr. David Allred
  • VME 6934 Comparative Immunology: An advance level course where the main objectives are to introduce students to similarities and differences of the immune system, vaccination, autoimmunity, and diagnostics of different animal species and present seminal/current immunology research.
  • VME 6156 Modern Diagnostic Methods for Infectious Diseases:  Review and evaluation of new and developing methods for diagnosis of infectious diseases with emphasis on serological and nucleic-acid-based approaches. Theory, development, and applications discussed in context of current literature. Course Coordinator: Dr. John Dame
  • VME 6933 Infectious Diseases and Pathology Research Seminar: Weekly seminar series on topics relating to infectious diseases and comparative and experimental pathology of animals presented by students, faculty, and visiting speakers. Course Coordinator: Dr. Ayalew Mergia