ID&I Courses in the Professional Curriculum

  • Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Curtiss sit at a table.

    Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Curtiss prepare to teach a course on comparative immunology.

    VEM 5131 Veterinary Molecular Biology: A basic overview of molecular genetics; alteration of genetic information and its consequences; molecular diagnostics and molecular therapeutics and biotech products. Course Coordinator: Dr. David Allred

  • VEM 5141 Veterinary Microbiology and Infectious Diseases: An introduction to the major pathogens and infectious diseases of animals. Course Coordinator: Dr. Daniel Brown
  • VEM 5143 Small Animal Applied Clinical Microbiology: Reviews, consolidates, and extends general knowledge of the infectious diseases of the dog and cat with emphasis on the laboratory diagnostic procedures appropriate to confirm them. Course Coordinator: Dr. Mary Brown
  • VEM 5313 Poultry Diseases: Study of diseases of domestic poultry with special emphasis on etiology, clinical signs, macroscopic and microspic pathology, epidemiology, differential diagnosis and control. Course Coordinator: Dr. Carlos H. Romero

ID&I faculty also provide graduate level instruction in programs leading to the MS and PhD degree in Veterinary Medical Sciences, as well as in other campus programs such as Medical Sciences and Microbiology and Cell Sciences.