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ID&I Seminar Series

ID&I Seminar Series

Aug 30th, 2017

Dr. Dan Brown and scientist Dina Michaels inspect a fluorescence microscope image showing dog brain cells from an animal infected with Mycoplasma canis. Text overlay reads “View from our Chair Daniel R. Brown.”

View From Our Chair: Daniel R. Brown, PhD

Jun 30th, 2017

Dr. Daniel R. Brown, Interim Chair of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Immunology, outlines the evolution of the department and reiterates its mission.

Dr. John Dame sits in an office, posing for the camera

Dr. John Dame provides context for new asymptomatic malaria test

Jun 27th, 2017

Dr. Dame elucidates the potential importance of a new rapid diagnostic test for asymptomatic malaria infection and offers a global perspective on its possible role in the fight against malaria.

Portrait photograph of Natalie Steckler

Natalie Steckler honored for presentation at workshop

May 31st, 2017

Natalie Steckler, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Infectious Diseases and Pathology, received the “Best Student Presentation Award” from the 42nd Annual Eastern Fish Health Workshop, held April 3-7 in […]

Dr. Nguyen portrait picture

Dr. Cuong Nguyen honored for excellence in research

May 31st, 2017

Dr. Cuong Nguyen, an assistant professor in ID&P, has received an Excellence Award from the Provost’s Office.

An iridescent microscopic image of a male Anopheles farauti mosquito’s head on a black background, including a partial view of its front legs, proboscis, and eye. Text overlay reads “ID&P becomes IDI: Change reflects diverse spectrum of research.”

ID&P becomes ID&I: change reflects diverse spectrum of research

Mar 10th, 2017

Department's name change reflects unification of diverse spectrum of research interests aimed at improving animal and human health.

Dr. Dinglasan stands in lab, arms crossed, watching as a fellow scientist preforms an experiment in a beaker. Both are wearing lab-coats and safety gloves. Text overlay reads: “ID&I plays key role in new Center focusing on vector-borne diseases.

Department plays key role in new Center focusing on vector-borne diseases

Feb 10th, 2017

UF College of Veterinary Medicine faculty will play a key role in a new CDC-funded Center focused on stopping vector-borne diseases such as Zika before they spread farther into the United States.

View from the front entrance of UF’s Veterinary Academic Building

College approved to form new academic department

Feb 10th, 2017

The college will soon be forming a new academic department, representing a key organizational shift.

Dr. Daniel Brown looks on as a scientist performs an experiment under a hood unit.

UF scientists identify seal as source of new strain of bacteria that caused disease in hunter

Jan 11th, 2017

A new organism identified by University of Florida researchers could indicate that seals are a potential source for human exposure to the bacteria and could cause more severe disease than […]

Dr. Claus Buergelt portrait photograph

Dr. Claus Buergelt, ID&P Professor Emeritus, honored for accomplishments in pathology

Jan 11th, 2017

The Charles Louis Davis Foundation recently honored Claus Buergelt, D.V.M., Ph.D., a professor emeritus of anatomic pathology at the UF College of Veterinary Medicine, for his career achievements.

Department of Infectious Diseases and Pathology

Jan 10th, 2017

The mission of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Pathology is to acquire, advance, and disseminate knowledge to help identify, control and prevent animal disease and/or contribute to public health.